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2012/04/18 7:45 

Japanese Positive Accessory Brand “Q-pot.” launches two new charms exclusively for “Captain Burger” starting April 25, 2012, which join the popular mix-n-match hamburger necklace “GOLDEN BURGER” series. Also new accessories series “Marine Collection” will be launched on the same say.

Every summer Q-pot. has added new charms for the popular hamburger necklace series. This year, new character “Captain Burger,” beloved Mr. Burger’s own father, is introduced. Along with two new charms; the Captain EYE Charm ($57) consisting of his golden crisp fried fish body, charming tartar sauce mustache and round eyes, and also the Captain CAP Charm ($63), your Mr. Burger will be transformed into “Captain Burger.”

Meanwhile, the new “Marine Collection” a nautical themed line of accessories, comes in a ring, necklace, pierced earring, bag charm and a pin ($82~$507). Tarnished to perfection and filled with adventure, let your imagination take over and enjoy the latest style of this summer!  

<Left> Two New Charms, Captain EYE Charm ($57) and Captain CAP Charm ($63) for “Captain Burger”
<Right> Steering Wheel Ring ($82) from New “Marine Collection”

New Charms for “Captain Burger”
Captain EYE Charm  $57, Captain CAP Charm  $63
*Other charms are sold separately.

“Marine Collection”
Anchor Rope Bag Charm (Bronze) $254, Voyage Necklace (Bronze) $507,
Anchor & Flag Pierce (Bronze) single $89, Anchor & Flag Pin (Bronze) $101, Steering Wheel Ring (Bronze) $82

  Q-pot. Ala Moana Store
Ala Moana Center
  Mall Level 2nd Floor Macy’s Wing
  1450 Ala Moana Blvd., #2244
  Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
  Phone: 808-955-9330 | Email:
  Website:| Facebook: Q-pot. USA
  Store Hours:         (Mon-Sat) 9:30am – 9:00pm
                                 (Sun)10:00am – 7:00pm

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