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Jun 3

6/3/2011 9:29 AM 

Aloha, it's Kukui!

I had my daughter participate in Snuba, by Marine Express in the Pacific Beach Hotel.

To see more of Marine Express...

What is Snuba?
Snuba is a mixture of snorkeling and scuba diving.  Unlike scuba diving, there is no tank that you have to carry with you, making your swimming experience much easier.

Today we went snuba diving in the oceanarium in the Pacific Beach Hotel...

Report by Lehua

Taking a picture in front of the Snuba sign, to remember this unique experience.

We had to watch an instructional video before entering the tank.

Miss Emi was informing us of the few rules they have to ensure we have a safe and fun time.

She also taught us the different hand signals they have so that we can communicate underwater.

...getting our diving gear on...

Look I'm underwater feeding the fish!

At the end, you get a certificate with your name stating that you have participated in the unique Snuba diving experience.

More videos coming up soon!

By Lehua

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