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2010/11/22 9:08 


I went to "The Island Archer"  which is only one shop for Archers in Hawaii.
Didn't know there are wild dears, pigs and goats in Hawaii? And they can hunt for them!! I did not know about this.....

This is located near by Honolulu Air port

Danell who is an owner for The Island Archer showed a compound bow.

This bow has more speed , power and percistent.

The Cmpound bow has a wheel on it.

These are a Carbon  Fiber Arrow.

From kids size to Adult even Women's

These head are hunted by Danell's dad.

The Archery is a mental individual sports and nobody want to teach your own technique.
If you want to learn or practice, you have to go specific location.
An Archery is for all age sports.  I would like to try to do it and get a wild pig.......?

By Kukui

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