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2010/09/22 9:30 


Shall we  hula at Waikiki?
"Mana Hawaii" is located at Waikiki Beach Walk, 2nd level.  Germain who is the owner for Mana Hawaii is teaching hula for FREE every  Friday and Tuesday.

Waikiki Beach Walk

Mana Hawaii sells many arts made by over 500 local artists.

Germaine Haili is the hula instructor and Mana Hawaii's owner.
She was born in Hawaii, lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, and then came back to Hawaii.

She is teaching hula at Mana Hawaii.

This free lesson is 45 minutes long.

Everyone can dance hula.

Here we go! Great job everyone!

It's pau (its over in Hawaiian)!  Germain was cheering for everyone.

From left Kathy S. Finley (San Francisco), Shinobu Sasaki (Tokyo), Takamitsu Sasaki and Germain

Germain said " My mission is teaching Hawaii's culture through hula for everyone, even local pepole. It is shocking that local pepole lost the Hawaiian language and call me to teach Hawaiian"
We need to support  and protect the Hawaiian Culture for the next generations to come.

By Kukui

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