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Oct 5

10/5/2016 3:40 PM 

Hawaii’s first Iburi smoked dish restaurant

Now open on Kapiolani Blvd (across the Hawaii Convention Center) is Japanese Restaurant Yacchaba. The restaurant is Hawaii’s first Japanese restaurant to specialize in “Iburi” smoked dishes.

Smoked dishes are cooked on the table and include both meat and seafood options. The orders are served over a hot stone grill plate, which is made from Mt. Fuji stone. Diners grill each item for about 2 minutes and enjoy the tender and flavor of an Iburi smoked dish. The experience also includes grilling over cherry and apple smoking chips.  Accompanying each Iburi order are 4 flavor salts – Yuzu, Curry, Yukari/Plum and Sansyo.


The restaurant is also introducing “Shio Koji”, a new type of Japanese seasoning, made from rice-malt salt. Known to be an all-purpose seasoning, Shio Koji is referred to as “Japan’s miracle condiment”. Shio Koji options include Masu Shio Koji Yaki, Saba Shio Koji Yaki and Buta Shio Koji Yaki.

Along with smoked and shio koji dishes, there is a full menu available. Starters include Fried Yamaimo Potato, Smoked Daikon Pickles and Mozzarella Cheese, Curry Kimpira, Hamaguri Clam Sakamushi, Tebasaki Chicken and Atsuage Tofu-ni, Motsu-nikomi and a variety of salads.

Agemono choices include Fried Aji, Chicken Karaage, Fried Sweet Corn, Fried Ebi-Bread, Ahi Belly Katsu and Yashinome & Murasaki-imo Tempura.

There are also a variety of rice and soup dishes, noodle dishes, desserts and more. A full bar menu with beer, sake, chu-hi and other drinks is available.

The restaurant is working with many local companies in Hawaii. One of the highlighted farms is OK Poultry in Waimanalo. Yacchaba serves a Tamago-kake rice, using fresh eggs from the farm. A large amount of their vegetable, fish and desserts are sourced from local companies.

The restaurant is initially open for dinner service, but plans to open for lunch in the near future.


1718 Kapiolani Blvd

Honolulu, HI  96814

(808) 945-0108

Open Tuesday thru Sunday from 5:00pm – 11:00pm

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