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Nov 12

11/12/2013 12:27 PM 

Aloha Raw Foods is Hawaii’s first raw food delivery company serving Waikiki and othermetro areas.
Our food is made by hand to order and is always fresh and full of life. We offerbreakfast, lunch and dinner options including snacks and sweets you’ll simply love.
Delivery service is sure to fit your schedule as we offer service to home, office, hotels and dormitories.


Raw Food helps clear the body of toxins, improves mental awareness and clarity and increases energy. Todays diet is full of refined sugars, over processed grains and food that is low in nutrient value and simply not living. Raw food is free of all refined sugars, processed grains, animal product and byproducts and is living food! Raw food is food full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other life giving substances which are destroyed when food is cooked and processed commercially.

Raw food is recommended for people who want to try using food to detox their body, increase energy, loose weight, clear up skin issues and regain a youthful appearance. Most people have the idea that raw food is either sushi or simply salads. While salads are raw most of the time the dressings are not. At Aloha Raw Foods we make all our dressings, sauces and dough for our pizza’s from living foods and never destroy the benefits naturally given in foods fresh from the farm.

Our menu includes hamburgers and meatballs, curries, spaghetti, raisin bread and onion bread and even brownies all which are delicious and good for your health! Please order online from our web site and get free delivery if your Kama Aina in our supported delivery areas. Call for details and as always, Eat Raw,
Feel Great!

Aloha Raw Foods
Phone: (808)260-8403
Delivery time : 630am~1:00pm
Please place your order by 9am of 2 days prior to the delivery date.

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