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Roshan Kumar      10/2/2018 10:45:52 AM
Waialua video for you. Here is a Waialua song & video for you. All rights to music & video owned by Cosmic Cat Music, my company. Submitted By: Roshan Kumar

tamra      11/20/2016 5:24:33 PM
coverage of Waikiki Holiday Parade You are the only place we can see our grandson march in the Waikiki Holiday Parade from here in Minnesota, USA. Thank you for your excellent promotion of Hawaiian activities. He is a trombone player in the Bloomington Jefferson Marching band 2016. How do we access your coverage? Thank you very much. Submitted By: tamra

Travis Lau      5/13/2015 4:49:27 PM
Video Hi, my friend and I translated your Sadako's Crane video. We would like to give you the translated version. How should we go about doing this? Submitted By: Travis Lau

Mohamed Arafa      10/13/2014 6:08:26 PM
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jen      1/2/2014 3:47:31 PM
Finley puleo Boyle Why isn't there any news about a 3year old who went tp dentist and in a coma since December 3, 2013. I'm disguisted I jave no update about Finley. Obama goes golfing all over Hawaii news! Are you kidding!!! Finley is fighting for her life!! This should be top news all over the USA! Submitted By: jen

Kenneth Kealoha      6/6/2013 2:26:31 PM
?? Aloha no, Anyone answering this thing? LOL was interested in being covered by HawaiiWebTV.. who is doing the production? Advertising rates? please email me. Submitted By: Kenneth Kealoha

Blake Harvey      5/31/2013 7:14:44 AM
2013 Fashion Front Awards Hawaii Aloha! My name is Blake Harvey, I was recently introduced to Hawaii Web TV via Twitter. I would be honored if you'd consider covering an upcoming event my firm is producing to benefit arts education for Hawaii youth. Please see below. You may reach me direct at (646) 522-9610. Mahalo for your time! For Immediate Release: May 31, 2013 For More Information Please Contact: Lawrence Blake Group Int'l. L. Blake Harvey (646) 481-8237 2013 Fashion Front Awards Hawaii Panel of Judges, Honorees, and Participants Announced [Honolulu, HI] Scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 the 2013 Fashion Front Awards Hawaii will be the place to be for fashion lovers, featuring some of Hawaii's favorite emerging fashion designers taking to the runway to raise awareness on the importance of arts education for Hawaii's youth. Benefiting arts programs offered by Afterschool ART (, guests will enjoy live music performances

Liz Hough      5/3/2013 1:59:02 PM
Videos/Content Aloha, I am curious as to who is producing your web information? Submitted By: Liz Hough

Eric Luna      4/2/2013 11:22:26 AM
Sight Attraction Hello, I was viewing the 2013 Hawaii Ocean Expo Facebook page when I noticed a link to your page. I think our attraction would be a fit perfectly with your website. We are the worlds first Water-Propelled Jetpack. We are currently stationed in Hawaii Kai and teach lessons how to fly this awesome machine. It is a very-user friendly design with a high success rate of flight. I am interested in running some type of collaboration with your website. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks Again Eric Luna 949)887-6141 Submitted By: Eric Luna

Stella Fair      2/17/2013 6:51:04 PM
Online Marketing of your business It’s a fact: more people find out about your business on Facebook or Twitter than on search engines. Making these sites work maybe tricky for you, but it’s business as usual for us. Let us improve your visibility and enhance your image. It’s part of our complete Internet Marketing package. We’ll be more than your friends --- we’ll be your partners. Submitted By: Stella Fair

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