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2012/03/15 10:28 

Aloha, it's Kukui.

Hawaii got back our blue sky and our trade winds! As you know we had a wet week ....well I love rainy days, but it was too much thunder and rain.

I went shooting at Hokulani Bake Shop yesterday Because I got an invitation for a special event from Hakulani Bake shop, but I could not go since there was a thunderstorm in Hawaii.

Loook at these delicious cupcakes!

One of the best sales cupcake is Southern Red Velvet Cupcake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting.

Yummy cookies!

Jackie is working at Hokulani Bake Shop. These designs came from her own imagination.
Her technique is awesome!

I went to Hokulani Bake Shop at afternoon and so many customers were shopping.
One of the customer said " It's my first time visiting. I like Hokulani's cupcakes! I saw the TV show!!"
Another  customer said "I come here often.... yes I watched the TV show, but I came here before I watched the TV show!"

In April 2006 Hokulani Bakeshop launched a line of cupcakes, made from scratch, to complement the decorated sugar cookies. Hokulani cupcakes and cookies contain 100% real butter and sugar, with no hydrogenated oils (no margarine, no shortening) or corn syrup. ( from  Hokulani Bake Shop web site)

I tried to eat one cupcake(Snickerdoodle Cupcake w/ Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting)... yummy! Taste is very light! I can eat more and more!
This cupcakes are more helthier than other cupcakes! I wanna come back and get more cupcakes again!

By Kukui

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AWESOME report! Thank you Hawaii WEB TV! Aloha & TGIF!

By Mel on   2012/03/16 12:34

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